Old Worn Trumpet Grungy Shower Curtain

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Product Information

Product Code : sc_16479_parent

Material : High Quality Silky Satin Polyester Blend

Old Worn Trumpet Grungy Shower Curtain from Music tablecloths will be an excellent choice to add a unique design to your home decoration. Its Green Brown colored and 3D printed design will be an elegant and final touch into the service in your dining room. You can dress up your dining tables with Music table covers in any sizes from standard to 69x105.

Music themed and square table linens will create a style in every design. You will enhance your home decor with your favorite tablecloths that are available for sale on Ambesonne.com and it will cost only $39.90. Shop now in our online store with free shipping!

Product Details :

  • Vibrant color - Clear image - No fading
Product Details

Size Selection :

  • Due to manual measurement, please kindly allow 0.5 inch discrepancy.

    OEKO-TEX Technology:

    • The dyes that we use in our products are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. (The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.)
    • Our products does not have any harmful substances for you or your pets.
    OEKO-TEX Standard 100

    Care Instructions:

    • Machine Washable On cold delicate cycle, Hang dry only. No fading.
    • Machine wash on cold delicate cycle with mild detergent and water; Do not bleach. Iron on low heat from the back of the tablecloth if needed.
    Care Instructions

    Product Reviews

    • Looks good online. Looks better IRL

      Loraine C - 29 January 2019


      Online this shower curtain looks beautiful. But I had many reservations before I bought it. I was afraid it would come in different color but that was not the case. Colors are true to life to this day. Workmanship in the curtain is nice and it shows. It looks like a durable addition to my washroom. It looks great now with my other complementary parts.

    • Gotten compliments on it regularly

      Candice N - 29 January 2019


      Image and curtain is really good and looks well made. Fabric does not feel cheap and you can tell it is mold resistant. It comes with hooks so this is always a plus but those did not do it for my bathroom so I went and get some new ones. People coming my washroom generally likes this drape and compliments me on it regularly.

    • Does not have weighed bottom but its OK

      Caren B - 29 January 2019


      Well-made beach themed shower curtain. My only gripe with drape is it does not have weighed bottom. We have a small window in our bathroom but little light that coming from that source is enough to make this a bright and inviting decorative element in our bathroom. We have a large mirror in the opposite of the shower so it really expanded the size of the washroom. What is more mood heightening than walking into a shower with a cool beach landscape. We also added a lightweight liner for extra privacy but you do not need to do that.

    • Would recommend!!!

      Nicole L - 16 January 2019


      I just love the durable material of the shower curtain. Its lightweight and perfect for my small bathroom. At first children did not like the pattern but at the end they too started to like it. You can be assured that it is mildew and mold free. Most of the water just slides through anyway. It is a really great product. And I would recommend it to anyone.

    • Fits great in small bathroom

      Katharine B - 09 January 2019


      I have a small bathroom I thought this shower curtain would make it seem smaller but that is not the case at all. Rather than taking up more space it gave more space to my bathroom. Colors are perfect and the quality is there for the naked eye. You do not need to inspect it closely to see that it is a good product.

    • Five Stars

      Elizabeth Zeppilli - 21 August 2017


      I love this

    • Minor drawbacks, Overall happy with purchase

      a.j - 21 August 2017


      Adds a great calming atmosphere to the bathroom. I love that from the inside of the shower curtain, especially with the lights dimmed, it feels like I'm bathing in the ocean. Material is very lightweight, so I'd recommend plastic shower curtain rings. The holes at the top are not reinforced very well (less reinforced than shirt button holes), so I think metal shower rings might stress them too much over time. Since the curtain is so lightweight, it should be fine with plastic rings. Something I didn't notice when purchasing--there is a small city skyline at the edge of the water. Not a huge deal, but evokes a slightly different feeling than just looking out into an infinite ocean. Photo quality is not amazing, but it's plenty good enough and what you'd expect at this size on a shower curtain. Overall happy with the purchase at the price.

    • Favorite shower curtain ever

      Cp. Bk. - 21 August 2017


      Looks like the pic, is awesome! (Bonus points: any variation of blue and/or turquoise and green will look great with this, as far as bathroom accessories go)